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What up Icey? I don’t normally post links to mixtapes because its rare to find a mixtape worth writing about. So if I’m posting a mixtape, then you know it must be hot! Enter DJ Icey, and this mixtape cd that was handed out during WMC Miami 2009. This one is well worth the burn because its one of those mixes you’ve got to listen to more than once.


Since we’re on the topic of mixtapes, I want to drop a lil teaser on you. I’m bringing back the Show Me the Beats series for a third installment and I’ll hit you with the goods sometime next week just in time for Spring Break. So keep your ass tuned for Show Me the Beats 3 – Spring Break 2009 Edition. Volumes 1 & 2 have been downloaded over 5000 times. Hell yeah!


Back to Icey…



DJ Icey – WMC 2009 Mixtape




Larry T Feat Princess Superstar – Licky Better – Herve vs Krafty Kuts Remix

DJ Icey- Master Hysterix (VIP Mix)

Drummatic Twins- Under the Lights

Project Pat- Keep it Hood (Bird Peterson Mix)

Bruk Shot- Short (Icey re-edit)

Proxy – Raven (Steve Lind Bmore Edit) (DJ Icey re-rub)

DJ Icey-Bassline Hookers

DJ Icey- Dayz and Dayz

Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix)(re-edit)

Stupid Bastard- Hype Up

MGMT-KIDS (Mikey Hook/Bass Weazal)(Icey Remix)

Destroy Disco – Fly Or Bounce (Bart B More Re-rub)(Icey Re-Edit)

Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (BURNS RMX)(DJ Icey Bass remix)

Calverton vs Banga – Whoop (Rudder’s There It Isn’t remix)(re-edit)

Santogold “Les Artistes” (YUM YUM Bmore floor treat)(Icey Re-edit)

Daft Punk – Digital Love (Red Foxx’s Bmore Surprise Mix)

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Let’s Get Ravey mix)

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Audio CD (October 14, 2008)

Listen to Samples

1. High Plains Drifter – DJ Icey

2. Direct Hit – Beat Assassins

3. Bass Bus – DJ Icey

4. Hydroz Beatz [Clay Davis VIP Mix] – Hydroz

5. Operator – DJ Icey

6. Shadow [Bass Kleph Remix] – Infiniti, DJ Keith Mackenzie

7. Pump Junk Funk [Lutzenkirchen Remix] – Signal Drivers

8. Open Ya Drapes – DJ Keith Mackenzie

9. Funkt [Twocker Remix] – Shena, Paolo Jackson

10. Lovers Break – DJ Kue

11. Call Me [Lee Mortimer’s ‘Troll Under the Bridge Mix’] – Body Snatchers

12. Dirty Stereo – DJ Icey

13. Warpaint [Claude von Stroke Mix] – Gina Mitchell, PoxyMUSIC,

14. I’m So Trill – Chris de Luca, Phon.O,


As always, Icey brings it with his heart-pumping bass, funky breaks, and unique sounds. He has outdone himself this time…I’ve got all of them and can’t wait for the next one. A masterpiece of breaks.

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Zone 001 DJ Icee Energy Traxx Volume 1

Zone 002 DJ Icey Encyclopedia Funktanica

Zone 003 DJ Icee Beats-A-Rockin

Zone 004 DJ Icee Tricks Theme

Zone 005 DJ Icey 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 / The Funkshun

Zone 006 DJ Icey Love (Once Upon A Time)/We Do it Like This

Zone 007 DJ Icey Bbrrr Go Go / Emerald

Zone 008 DJ Icey Beats-A-Rockin / Electro Morning

Zone 009 DJ Icee Sonic Party / Groove Line

Zone 010 DJ Icey Low Down Good Girl / All Beautiful

Zone 010 Yo-Yo Rodeo The Disco Call / Low Down Good Girl

Zone 011 DJ Baby Anne Abercrombie

Zone 012 DJ Icey Big Ditch / Smoke

Zone 014 DJ Icey Boom-Bap-Boom / Plateau

Zone 015 DJ Icey Join Hands /Come into My House

Zone 016 DJ Icey I Can Feel U With Me Now / United Energy

Zone 017 DJ Baby Anne Trippin On The Bass / Kitten

Zone 018 City-Wide Allstars HBB / You Better Believe

Zone 019 DJ Icey Grand Canyon Suite / Snack Time

Zone 020 By Satellite – It is Called Telstar/ Space Race

Zone 021 Installers, Install It

Zone 022 DJ Icey You Know How / Your Love/ Uncle Buck

Zone 023 DJ Icey Say What Ya’ll / Picture

Zone 024 Montana Rangers I Need You / Electricity

Zone 025 DJ Icey A;right/Dream

Zone 026 Supa Duppa Seaside Sippa (3 Mixes)

Zone 027 DJ Icey I Dreamt Music / Congas in Space

Zone 028 DJ Icey Vocoder Bass / Dept 3

Zone 029 The CFP Project, Stardate 2055 / Original/ DJ Micro Remix

Zone 030 DJ Icey Double F / Soundscape Rhythm

Zone 031 DJ Baby Anne The Bass Queen

Zone 032 DJ Icey Position in Love / Cruise

Zone 033 DJ Icey Hot Stop / Space Ship

Zone 034 DJ Baby Anne Freak’s Groove / Trippin On The Bass

Zone 035 DJ Baby Anne She Said

Zone 036 DJ Icey Trick’s Theme / Listen To The Beat

Zone 037 DJ Icey Sweet Tea / Jam The System

Zone 038 DJ Icey Chain Reaction / Low Tide

Zone 040 DJ Gumbee Future Retro

Zone 041 DJ Icey The One / Message From Space

Zone 042 DJ Icey Sexy Stuff / Here It Comes

Zone 043 DJ Baby Anne Danse Musique

Zone 044 DJ Icey Bass Electrix /Sanctuary

Zone 045 DJ Icey Surreal/ Beats 2

Zone 046 DJ Gumbee Future Retro / Can’t Get Enough

Zone 047 DJ Baby Anne Jax

Zone 048 DJ Icey Touch / Bass Electrix (Time Mix)

Zone 049 DJ Icey Taxi Driver / One for The

Zone 050 Montana Rangers Pitch Black / Spirit Fingers

Zone 051 DJ Icey Cross-Eyed Sally / Dirty Loop Lightning

Zone 052 DJ Icey Freaks In Da House / World One Worlds Two

Zone 053 DJ Baby Anne &. DJ Icey She Said ( Remix) / Transmitter: On

Zone 054 City-Wide Allstars Swingblade / Love Me

Zone 055 DJ Icey Roundabout / Attack Bass

Zone 056 Montana Rangers Into The Drop / Oct05

Zone 057 DJ Icey & Jen Lasher – Rain / Bojangles

Zone 058 DJ Icey Nextgen / From the Dround

Zone 059 DJ Icey Thor / 5th Dimension

Zone 060 Isle Natividad #27 Puffton / Extol

Zone 061 DJ Icey The Beat 121 / Camino Real

Zone 063 DJ Icey Da Rhythm / Numbers System

Zone 064 DJ Icey Filthy Who 5/ Hardway’s Working

Zone 065 DJ Icey Underground Stylez / Beeline Bizness

Zone WEP001 DJ Icey Warehouse EP (12")

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The Funky Breaks (1997)

Generate (1998)

Essential Mix (2000)

Essential Elements – DJ Icey Presents (2001)

Mixed (2001)

Different Day (2003)

A Little Louder (2003)

For The Love Of The Beat (2004)

Twisted (2005)

Y4K (2006)

Disco Rodeo (2007)

Amplified (2008)

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Audio CD (March 14, 2006)

Listen to Samples

1. Merka – I’ll Be Here

2. Ils – Loving You (Atomic Hooligan Remix)

3. Vlad – Plodout

4. Drumattic Twins – Feelin’ Kinda Strange (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix)

5. AB/DC – This Feelin’ (Boy 8-bits Grindhouse Mix) (DJ Icey Re-edit)

6. Artcrime – Like This (Main Mix)

7. General Midi – Never Gonna Stop The Show

8. DJ Icey – Closer

9. Move Ya! & Steve Lavers – The Ride

10. Transformer Man – Everybody Get Up (Circuit Breaker Remix)

11. DJ Icey – San Pedro

12. Deekline & Wizard – All Your Love (D&W Club Mix)

13. Smithmonger & Kobe – Grizzle (Vlad & Ardisson Remix)

14. DJ Icey – Nikita


My reviewere Kris had this to say about this CD for Icey is kinda spacey. This, of course, with me, helps his appeal. The promise of a trippy trek into the world of electronica is always a positive thing, provided it’s done right. Icey is also, befittingly, chilled and cool (but hot with ability, right?). His groovy breaks apply a certain textured minimalism to create infectious hookyness that use subtlety to sink its claws in. It doesn’t take much for Icey’s work here to get you into the flow and enjoying the pulse. Adding to the layers of Icey’s textures are vocal samplings from time to time, trance-ish pulsation and a hint of glitchyness to help ferment some pleasant acid bite. The music is a bit on the understated side at times but I think that’s also what helps the hook. And this doesn’t interfere with the energy and even sultry qualities awaiting your enjoyment herein. Take a dark, evocative trip to innerspace with Merka’s "I’ll Be Here." The Drummatic Twins’ "Feelin’ Kinda Strange" is an acidy discoteque clubhouse track for a psychedelic future, catchy as hell with high energy vox. DJ Icey’s own "Come Closer" boasts thick beats and dense acid power in an offbeat house experiment. And for some true oddity, check out "Grizzle," a charged up electroshocked, hooky piece of gritty dance. And there’s more where that came from.


This is a very diverse and explosive breakbeat mix. From soulful and reggae sounds, to rap, to disco, and even to a vocal track sounding very reminiscent of freestyle. Icey covers it all in an exciting and very energetic mix. Tracks 7 through 11 really heat up, with General Midi’s breakbeat rap, and then onto Dj Icey’s own new sexy track, Come Closer, complete with breathy female vocals. Even past track 11, right to the end of the mix, it’s high energy, pounding beats. I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s a winner from top to bottom, without a dull track in sight. Also check out the Drumattic Twins new breaks mix CD, Finger Lickin Export 01.

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Audio CD (December 9, 1997)


Listen to Samples

1. This Is How My Drummer Drums

2. Blackjack

3. Acid Conga

4. Electro Morning



I purchased this cd when it first came out. I listened to it everyday. Someone stoled all my cds out of my car. Can you please inform me when you get more of this single in because I have tried everywhere to find it. The song electric morning is my favorite. This was my review for " This is How My Drummer Drums" BY DJ Icey.

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Audio CD (August 5, 1997)


Listen to Samples

 1. Grand Canyon Suite

2. Silent Partner                             

3. Narra Mine    Genaside II                       

4. Get Yourself Organized          

 5. Reflex Speed                             

 6. Beats-A-Rockin                         

7. Get Huh          Roxy                    

8. A Watcher’s Point Of View (Don’t Cha Think)                              

 9. Sound The Alarm                     

10. Tribal Base                 

11. J-Break                        

12. Sign                               

13. 2                     

14. The Pledge


DJ Icey has been my favorite DJ for at least 12 or 13 years since he got started in Orlando, Jacksonville and Gainesville, FL. This was and still is my favorite DJ album of all time. If you like breaks, there just is no one as good as him. End of story.


Florida Breaks at it’s best. Simple and extremely groovy. That’s what we call DJ Icey Breaks. I have this Cd since years but it never looses it’s charm. This was the first Breaks mix I ever heard and it is the reason that I still listen to Breaks.

It is the original Florida Sound that can’t be copied. Anybody with an understanding for electronic music should enjoy this CD.


"The Funky Breaks" is a very energetic house/electro breakbeat mix coming from the Orlando scene’s leading Dj, Dj Icey. It includes two of his own tracks, Headrillaz hit "Get Yourself Organised" a wonderful output by Rebel MC, with Barrington Levy and the Tenor Fly, and many other fun, energetic tracks. The whole set glides along, never finding itself in a rut, always shifting from one break to the next. A fantastic assault of breaks launched by Icey.

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Audio CD (March 27, 2001)


Listen to Samples

1. Gotta Keep Movin

2. One

3. Blue Chips

4. Sweet Tea [Version 2]

5. Message from Space

6. Inlet

7. Sonic Bliss

8. So Right – City-Wide Allstars

9. Drive – Future Lover

10. Hot Stop

11. January

12. Top Rock – Montana Rangers

13. Jam the System

14. New Day


Clearing something up  Breakbeat music originated in the United States and was later revolutionized by artists like DJ Icey. The difference between Icey’s version of breaks and Adam Freeland’s breaks is like the difference between, for example, Massive Attack and Dieselboy. Music that comes from the southern U.S. (Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, & St. Louis) incorporates a good amount of bass if you didn’t already know. More than half of Adam Freelands bass rythms on the ON TOUR CD for example only hit on the 1st and 3rd beat. Freeland is a great DJ and does produce good sounds, but if you were to play one of his mixes versus one of Icey’s mixes to a random crowd of electro\breakbeat\techno-music-in-general fans, I would bet more than 9 out of 10 times Icey would get the most favor. I listen to my Icey, Huda Hudia, and Friction&Spice CD’s much more than I do my A. Freeland, Rennie Pilgrem, or Uberzone CD’s – and I like both genres. My point is, and I know I’m taking a while to get to it, is that you shouldn’t write reviews on 2 different Icey CDs just to dis his music and glorify Adam Freeland’s because thats clearly all your trying to do. The only electronic CDs that I think I’ve ever listened to and not picked up some cheesyness are those produced by The Crystal Method, but thats beyond the point. The point is, Psilocybin, that you should do everyone a favor and throw away your keyboard and just use the mouse from now on. This CD, released about the same time as Essential Elements, is a great display of Icey’s uncanny ability to rock a set. I can’t say that I’ve seen a wide variety of wellknown DJ’s live but then again we are talking about a CD and not a live set. I have been to a few Icey shows that were completely awesome and I’ve never talked to anyone else that didn’t enjoy the same experience.

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Audio CD (June 30, 1998)


Listen to Samples

1. Can’t Stop This Track

2. Big Ditch

3. Ease the Beat Back Up

4. Take the Time

5. N-Space

6. This Is How My Drummer Drums

7. Wave Drop

8. Not a Test

9. City of Groove

10. Acid Conga

11. Vector

12. Air Is Full of Sound

DJ Icey goes a little bit off the beaten path of techno in that all of his samples are not technically samples, but recorded lyrics by Christian Ford. While I like ‘old school’ samples like used by the Wiseguys, this album still rocks. The best track is probably "Not a Test", then maybe "Can’t Stop this Track." While a couple of tracks could have been mixed a little better, this album is better than Icey’s first, the Funky Breaks.

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