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Audio CD (April 20, 2004)

Listen to Samples

1. DJ- Icey- And Go!

2. Crystal Method – Comin’ Back

3. Interflow feat. Anna Robinson – Storyreel (Satoshie Tomiie Remix)

4. Marlon feat. Rex Dog – One Foot Skank

5. Playgroup – Front 2 Back (Fatboy Slim Remix)

6. Soul Hooligin – Algebra (Mr. Breaker & the Technician Remix)

7. Aquasky vs. Masterblaster – Shadow Breaks

8. Plump DJs – Weighed Down

9. Two Lone Swordsmen – Neuflex

10. 2nd Gen – And/Or (Si Begg’s Buckfunk 3000 Remix)

11. Weekend Players – Into the Sun

12. Shakedown – At Night

13. Chemical Brothers – Get Yourself High

14. Raw Silk – Do it to the Music (accapella)

15. Club Deluxe – Funky Rhythm (Instrumental Mix)

16. DJ Icey – Camino Real


DJ Icey was one of the first DJs to get me into any techno. I own all of his CDs. I got a chance to see him live in Minneapolis about a month ago. He definetly tore it up and got the crowd going. This would be a good CD if you are a long time Icey fan, the funky Florida break elements are still found on this CD. Highlights would include the remix of Shakedown’s "At Night" and Two Lone Swordsmen’s "Neuflex". I have been a fan of Two Lone Swordsmen for years now and was kind of sad to find in the liner notes that Icey had just found out about them as of late. But back to the point, if you are a first time listener pick up his "Essential Mix" album. If you already have that pick up his "Essential Elements" album. If you are at that point and dig those albums you will dig on this album as well.

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Audio CD (August 22, 2000)

Listen to Samples

1. Purple (Freestylers Mix)                        

2. The Push (LP Version)                            

3. Blue Horizon (LP Version)                     

4. Party Going On (LP Version)                

5. Supersonic (DJ Icey Remix)                  

 6. Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)                     

7. Pumpin’ (Re-Edit)                     

8. Escape (Electro Mix)                

9. Everyday (Remix)                     

10. First Contact (LP Version)                   

11. Chain Reaction (LP Version)                              

12. Nothing Left (Tsunami One Remix)                

13. Low Tide (Stripped Down Remix)                    

14. The Realm (LP Version)                       

15. Minimal Machine (LP Version)                         

16. Smokebelch II (David Holmes Mix)                 


I absolutely love it!! There is a good variety of sounds and styles all blended into one nice long flowing groove. It’s techno. It’s dance. It’s rave. It’s house. It’s funky. It’s hard to stand still. (okay, so I’m not a professional music critic; but I am a music lover from WAY back!) The most notable tracks are "Purple" (infectious and upbeat), "Party Going On" (semi-euro housy Amsterdam meets Miami kind of thing), "Pumpin" (an interesting experience which eventually bursts into extreme dancefloor exhaultation at the 2 1/2 minute mark), and my favorite "Everyday" (excuse me, but is that a Diva in my living room? well then light the strobe and crank up the volume!!). Overall I would say it is an excellent CD and it satisfies the musical gypsy in me. I recommend it highly.

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Audio CD (September 18, 2001)

Listen to Samples

1. High Volume – Buckfunk 3000

2. Frequent Yet Vague – DJ Icey

3. Into the Darkness – Player One

4. Funny Break (One Is Enough) – Orbital

5. Rotten Dot Com – Meat Katie

6. Bring Yourself (Off Again) – Meat Katie

7. Ready to Dance

8. Hold Me Tight

9. Proving the Theory

10. Must Be the Music

11. Gallon – City-Wide Allstars,

12. 20,000 Freaks [Remix] – Jackal & Hyde

13. Controlled Trek (Chapter 2) – DJ Icey

14. Brand New Style

15. Just a Beat – Harry Lime

16. Bust off the Bass – DJ Icey, Marion

17. Reactivate

18. Ain’t No Need to Hide – Sandy Bell’s Ceilidh

19. Fall into Me [DJ Icey Remix] – Micro

20. Dancing in My Head – Arthur Baker, Rennie Pilgrem


First of all I have to say that I am Breaks fan and I get most cd releases, Promos and tons of vinyl every week covering nu skool, funky and electro Breaks but. .Every year comes this one mix cd that lives in my Cd Player for a very long time and it’s always Icey’s new Mix. Last years Essential Mix was insane and Essential Elements continues right there. The CD starts off with nu skool breaks, continues with Florida Style Funky Breaks, makes a hard turn at Electro and continues with a little 2 Step and in between some gorgeous vocals. 20 songs in one mix sure do offer a lot of variety. The Cd offers all styles of Breaks and still manages to be supercharged with funk. While older Icey mixes are straight out funky breaks, last years mix was a bit more trancey due to Americas "Tranceformation" and this years release adapts the nu skool & 2 Step wave coming from the Uk. Even with including new styles every year he still mangages to inject every mix with his very own Icey Breaks and to create an atmosphere that is unique. His mixing is tight and this Cd is for sure his best technical work up to today. The King of funky Breaks has proven again that he is the #1 US Breakbeat Dj. For all the wannabe dj reviewers commenting about bad mixing and bad production – give me a break ! There would be no Florida scene if Icey would not have started it all back in 92. Try to pop out a single every month that sells out and still be on the road the whole year and in between hook up with Pete Tong and release a few essential mixes . First of all try to get somebody to remember your dj name.

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Audio CD (March 6, 2007)

Listen to Samples

1. Noisa "Gutterpump" (Rogue Element vs Tom Real Mix)

2. Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi "The Bump" (Tonite Only Mix)

3. DJ Icey "Under Constructo" (General MIDI Mix)

4. Krafty Kuts & DJ Icey "Through the Door"

5. Stargazer "Feel Good" (Starlet DJs Mix)(Remix)

6. Mark Knight & Richard Dinsadale "Crunch"

7. DJ Icey "The Bot"

8. DJ Icey "Joystick"

9. Leonid Rudenko "Summerfish" (Remix)

10. DJ Keith Mackenzie "Captn’ Fantastic & The Dodge City Satellites"

11. Entity feat. MC SAS "Commin On Deep"

12. DJ Icey feat Jen Lasher "El Camino"


The best thing I can recomend is to run down the street with your hair on fire.


Okay so not really but this disk is kind of like that only with more dancing.


Buy this now or forver have your soul cast into the depths of crappy music and mediocore times.


This CD is a must have for anyone who is into breaks or electronica style music. Just another album of pure genious music creation. I love it !


Entertaining release from DJ Icey. This mix is a stellar venture for an ever-evloving DJ.

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Audio CD (March 11, 2003)

Listen to Samples

1. Different Day – DJ Icey, Jen Lasher

2. Searching – DJ Icey, Melanie Rev

3. Naive Journey – DJ Icey, Marlon

4. Future – DJ Icey

5. Freaks in the House – DJ Icey, Mystro

6. Dreams – DJ Icey, Melanie Rev

7. Sinewave – DJ Icey

8. Little Louder – DJ Icey, Mystro

9. Groove Lick – DJ Icey, Marlon

10. Slake – DJ Icey

11. Dim the Sky – DJ Icey

12. Electro Morning MMIII – DJ Icey

13. Cross Eyed Sally [Robotic Ragga Mix][*][Multimedia Track] – DJ Icey


I I’ve been a fan of DJ Icey since 1995, when I first discovered his music Icey was, at the time one of (if not the only) US artists producing breaks that were on par with UK talent. I was in awe. From his re-mixes of `Beach Ball’, Groove Armada, Orbital, etc Icey always brings the funky breaks (pun intended).


When I first picked up `Generate’ in 1997, I could not believe it, `Generate’ was is and will always be a seminal piece of electronic music, if you own this CD you know what I mean, if you don’t you should get a copy immediately, and experience the genius first hand!


During the last 5 years, Icey has release a hand full of DJ mixed compilations which really bring the club experience home, and if you have ever heard this man spin live, you know without a doubt that Icey is a man that gets the rumps shaking and energy level through the roof. And so I waited for the new album of original music….


`Different Day’…There really is something for everyone (electronic music fans) here from the vocal styling of Jen Lasher on the title cut, to (in my opinion) the smash hits Searching (AMAZING!) and Dreams both featuring Melanie Rev.


Icey also delivers a bunch of tunes for the heads, Freaks in the House, will no doubt be the Breaks anthem for 2003 and Sinewave is smoking as well.


Enough from me, you can tell I’m a huge DJ Icey fan, and I love this record. Thanks Icey, worth the wait!


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Audio CD (July 29, 2003)

Listen to Samples

1. Little Louder [Edit Version]

2. Little Louder [Kelly Reverb vs. Funk W Texas Sidewinder Mix]

3. Little Louder [Extended 12" Mix]

4. Dreams [Edit Version]

5. Dreams [Kolo & Cannalte Tympani Vocal Mix]

6. Dreams [Kolo & Cannalte Dub Mix]

7. Dreams [Extended 12" Mix]

8. 5th Dimension [#][*]

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DJ Icey – The One


DJ Icey – Rain


DJ Icey – Collins Ave


DJ Icey – Love


DJ Icey – Cross Eyed Sally (Robotic Ragga Mix)

Punk (DJ Icey Remix) Live – DJ Baby Anne


DJ Icey – Castles in the Sky (Break beats)


DJ Icey HD in Greensboro 2009


DJ Icey Rave Footage


Super trippy DJ Icey Video 7-21-07


DJ Icey – Krafty the German



Baby Anne-DJ Icey & Jen lasher-Rain


DJ Tiesto-adagio for strings vs. DJ Icey-escape


DJ Icey – Escape




DJ Icey – Da Rhythm


DJ Icey


DJ Icey – Emerald


Krafty Kuts & DJ Icey – Thru The Door (Krafty Kuts mix)

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Lunar: How do you keep DJing and producing interesting and avoid it turning into work?


Icey: If it is something you love to do, then you love to work. And I do love to work both DJing and in the studio. I have always loved music, so it is a great job for a music lover.


Lunar: Between an intimate club night and a massive one-off, which do you prefer?


Icey: I like clubs, always have. The massive one offs are few and far between for many years now. They can be fun on occasion, but a great vibey club with a good sound system – you can’t beat it.


Lunar: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Icey: I loved construction trucks. I wanted to drive a front loader.

Lunar: If Icey today could give Icey at 18 one piece of advice, what would it be?


Icey: Don’t ever get rid of any records! I had some great early house, new beat, alternative and acid house records that i got rid of years ago that I wish I had back!


Lunar: Who would you like to thank or what deserves the credit for influencing your decision to become a DJ/producer?


Icey: Dave Cannalte from Orlando was my inspiration for DJing; I was excited when he remixed my "Dreams" single with Neil Kolo last year. Dave Cannalte really was the catalyst for me. I would go see him every Wednesday and Monday night when he would spin wave and alternative and dance stuff, and he is an incredible DJ to this day. A very talented man.


Lunar: What would you like to see more of in dance music and/or the dance music industry? Less of?


Icey: I would like to see clubs take care of their sound systems, keep them tuned and working and sounding properly. It’s such a shame to see a nice club with absolute shit sound and a club owner that could care less that his venue has horrible sound.


Lunar: Which 3 DJs/producers aside from yourself would you recommend to a new listener of dance music?


Icey: There’s lots of good music happening everywhere. I would suggest to go out and explore a different night/musical format in the city you live in and experiment, go to different places, expose yourself to different music.


Lunar: What is your favorite record(s) of the moment?

Icey: JDS "Purple Funky Monkeys" (TCR). Rennie Pilgrem gave me this at the WMC this year. A housey breaks monster of a tune for the summer.


Lunar: If you ever end up on the cover of the National Enquirer, what would the headline be?


Icey: I am too boring in my spare time to make the Enquirer.


Lunar: Have you ever picked up the needle from the record you just mixed into, have a record run out on you, or any other incredibly embarrassing DJ moments?


Icey: Anybody who has DJ’d for any length of time has picked the needle up from the wrong record. I have seen all CD DJs stop the wrong CD player as well. That is just something that will happen at least once if you have enough hours under your belt spinning!

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Born and raised in Florida, DJ Icey has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing the synthesizer breakdown on The Edgar Winter Group’s "Frankenstein". "My mom had that album and I would play that middle part over and over wondering how they made that sound,” DJ Icey recounts. “I was little and thought it was so cool".

Rising to worldwide prominence out of the fertile Orlando Florida electronic music scene which has spawned the likes of AK 1200,Kimball Collins, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, and Baby Anne, Dj Icey cut his teeth at the legendary EDGE nightclub in the mid-90s, and even persuaded The Chemical Brothers to play their first show Stateside there. When The Edge closed in 1996, DJ Icey hit the road… and has stayed on it since.

Dj Icey runs two Indie labels dedicated to the Breaks he loves, the Main imprint Zone Records released it’s first 12 Inch single in 1994, “Energy Tracks Volume 1” quickly followed by the hard to find “Encyclopedia Funktanica” both of these records gained a cult following worldwide as there was nothing quite like it at the time. Zone Records continues releasing more than a dozen records a year and his second label Tree Records follows very closely behind with slightly more eccentric productions. Discovered for the punters by BBC Radio 1 DJ and longtime A&R kingpin Pete Tong,  Icey became the first American producer to sign to his U.S. ffrr label in 1997 as an artist thanks to Pete and U.S. Honcho Neil Harris, He was the first American DJ to be selected to record a prestigious "Essential Mix" for U.S. Release. With over 200 12” singles under his production belt and 5 cd releases, Dj Icey has SoundScanned over 300,000 CD units in North America alone.

Playing 100+ gigs per year, Icey is a touring maniac. But that doesn’t keep him out of the studio during the week working on new tracks for his Indie Labels Zone and Tree records, constantly trying to push the envelope to make his fans sweat on the dancefloor. The new material is then cut on dub plates and tested out on weekend gigs: “There is nothing better than finishing a tune and seeing the reaction from a crowded dancefloor right after finishing it," he beams. 2003 saw DJ Icey release "Different Day", a new album of all original material. Different Day, Dj Icey’s second full-length artist album to date, embraces futuristic breakbeat interwoven with house sensibilities, while keeping the energy level peaking throughout. 2004 saw the release of his new Mix CD ‘For the Love of the Beat’, Icey creates a seamless hour plus long mix encompassing the many faces of the Worldwide Breakbeat scene. New CD Projects are on the Horizon for late 2005 and 12" Vinyl Singles on the Tree and Zone Records Imprints will be released monthly

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